Sioux Falls Premier senior portrait photography studio


Before you know it, your high school junior will be a senior, and it will be time to select a photographer for senior pictures. Too often parents seem to get left out when it comes to making choices about a student’s High School Senior portraits. Your input truly matters and is important to us at Shalista Photography. It’s important to your son or daughter, too!

Choose the right photographer

Be certain you are getting the type and
quality of portraits you and your senior want and deserve


We know what we are doing

We've photographed hundreds of seniors! Many families come back to us for younger siblings.

From lighting to posing, any situation we are given, we can create beautiful images you'll want to display in your home.

Personable and Reliable

We've been in business for 14 years. We can have fun with your senior, while also working well with mom and dad. We aren't going anywhere either. We'll be here to help you along the way; from planning and preparing for your session, to helping you select wall art and albums.

We have been providing high quality senior portraits for 14 years. Our experience and skill is top-notch.

You will not be disappointed in your portraits or experience.



One of the best parts of your son or daughters senior year is having their senior portraits taken by a professional photographer that is solely dedicated to one thing…capturing who they are!

Yeah, you could have your neighbor or friend take a few snapshots with their “fancy” new digital camera, but is that really capturing who they are? That’s a lot like eating dinner at McDonalds before senior prom!

We will make *YOU* Happy

Unfortunately, we often get seniors in that have already had photos taken with another studio and they aren't happy for one reason or another. Delivery delays, quality of the images, and frankly, sometimes the photos are just BAD.  You will have a beautiful portrait for your wall you will be proud to hang. And it will be on time. How you want it.

We will make *TheM* Happy

Seniors are fun. They are just figuring themselves out, they have strong opinions and they know what they like. We LOVE working with them. If they think all your ideas are boring and lame, don't take it personally. Instead, let them know that they get what they want too, even if it's something you think is insane! We are up for it. Everyone is happy! We will work with your senior to create images they will love.

This is a once in a lifetime moment

Being a senior only comes once in a lifetime and they deserve the quality and uniqueness of having a real experienced professional create some fun and custom senior portraits!

There are many photographers showing cool images online, but are they printable in a print or what you really want hanging on your walls? It is important to us to give you the best quality in senior portraits. If you are not happy with your son or daughters senior portraits we will reprint them at no charge! Guaranteed!